First Post

My first post would be in a fucking starbucks on Melrose. I do not know where I found the motivation to walk here today and start this blog. I have been feeling reinvigorated with the amount of reading and writing I have been doing lately. There is something about writing that I am attracted to and is hard to ignore. Part of it is the ability to be able to create something that is my own. I can separate myself from millions of others on the planet by creating something that is completely original. Contradictory to my current situation of me sitting in a Starbucks with and iced coffee a laptop and headphones writing in a blog that is my own. It is a complete fantasy of mine for people to read my writing and feel something. This first post is me overcoming the self consciousness I have of people reading what I write. This blog will supplement the satisfaction I feel writing for myself, so that others might be able to enjoy my words. There are very few things I am passionate about. But at least I have a few things rather than no things. I loathe the idea of a human being who isn’t passionate about at least one thing in their existence. This new found love for the art of word and the power of books has given me something. I feel like whenever I turn a page or finish a sentence I know more about the world than I did before. I just saw a dude riding his Harley down the street, with his hands on his hips and his eyes turned to the sky. He looked completely free and happy with the LA sun in his face. I can only hope to one day attain this sort of joy with something i am passionate about. Now I could be completely wrong in his mood, his dog could have just died or some shit but I am going to take the positive away from it. Writing keeps me constantly motivated to get better. I only needed to read one line by Ernest Hemingway to know that I wanted to create images with my words “She was as soft as piano keys” he said. I lack the ability to immerse myself in my writing completely due to the fact that I have a job and other responsibilities. But it is a hobby that has found new life inside of me, and I hope whoever reads will enjoy it and take it for what it is.

Find your passion and it will find you