Anybody can be gracious in the presence of success. It is the struggle that defines you. The best work comes through adversity. Humans who have made something out of nothing create something truly beautiful. Humanity with their class society. “All men are created equal” seems to be past its time. All men are created. All men possess ability to make something of himself. All men have different starting lines. Someone who comes from a negative situation into a positive one is always good. If you were born into a positive environment it is vital to maintain that positivity throughout life. There is no reason to go from positive to negative. It makes no sense. Everyone has their respective struggle. Some start off worse than others. Admittedly I was born into a very positive situation and I am entirely thankful to my parents for that. I saw myself trending negatively for a few years after high school but I have seen the err in my ways. I try to always get better now. It doesn’t matter in what aspect of life it is. Any forward progress is good progress. I am looking to maintain and build off of the positive foundations given to me bye my mother and father. I strive to find conviction in my work for the simple reason that I want it to be good. Basic conversations about mediocre subjects never interested me. I am always forced into them. They seem to be a part of everyday life. Small talk that gets us through the day. We remain comfortable not talking our emotions or deeper feels than, What did you do today? How was work? I don’t care, chances are it was the same as yesterday. I want to know what your dreams are? What is your motivation to be the best person you possibly can? Are you complacent with the current state of things? Rhythm and routine seem to be the lord of masses without so much as a quiver in the thought process. That is just the way things are for people. We should be dynamic in our approach to life. Work and routine doesn’t have to be the centerpiece. Work should be a means to an end. A contingency plan to our dreams. A supplement to hobbies and creative expressions that every human must come to desire. After a certain age humans must begin to create. Add to a world full of art and colorful expression as opposed to spending money to destroy the world around us.

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