but it’s not

A girl that I fucked told me that I have a lot of moles and I should get them checked out.  It’s true, I have a few moles but I never thought about skin cancer and I have never had a skin exam.  So, I set an appointment to see a dermatologist, one who was accepting new patients and one who was covered under my insurance.

Naked under a gown, in a coldly lit room,I realized I made a mistake.  It took two minutes and $135 for the pretty middle aged doctor to tell me:


“you have a very high co-pay but everything is fine.”

It felt kind of like a strip club in that I was ashamed of how much money I spent when I was walking out.  $135 dollars! Fuck that’s a lot of money for two minutes, and for what? Peace of mind?  I wasn’t even thinking about skin cancer until last week.  $135 dollars?!  I could have taken that girl out to a nice dinner and probably fucked her again.  $135 dollars?!  That’s a new pair of shoes!  Oh well,  I guess I’m healthy, all my bills are paid.  I would’ve spent the money frivolously on something, anything.  What made me more upset was that the dermatologist’s office is on the top floor and when I left the elevator stopped at every floor on the way down to let someone on.  I guess we are all going down anyway.

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